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Люстры Alabaster
Настенные светильники Grok
Настольные лампы Grok
Подвесные светильники Grok
Потолочные светильники Grok
Напольные светильники La Creu
Настенные светильники La Creu
Настольные лампы La Creu
Подвесные светильники La Creu
Потолочные светильники La Creu
Столбики Outdoor
Вентиляторы Leds C4


LEDS-C4 specialises in lighting for the hospitality sector, boasting more than 40 years' experience in the design, development and production of lighting equipment. The company has a presence in 138 countries across all continents.

With an exclusive service of advice, creation and manufacture of bespoke solutions, LEDS-C4 also offers a complete package of standard lighting fixtures, covering all areas: interior / outdoor, decorative / technical, public / private, residential / commercial.

LEDS-C4 has a lighting projects department to advise customers about any query they may have about lighting, lighting calculations and 3D renderings.

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